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About Me....

In life we end up going full circle, don't we?  I found myself desperate to get away from the quiet and still of the farming life i was born into, rural northumberland in Northern England seeming too sleepy and small for this young man, somewhere unaccepting of me.  But time ticks forward and the stillness and beauty of nature always pulls you back, i'ts what you know and where you belong.  I belong in the garden, in the fields, up in the moors.

William and Edward is middle names of my father and I and that upbringing has embedded in me a simple life of "make do and mend", always trying to fix and improve with what you have at hand, and always "having a go". This attitude in-itself creates its very own aesthetic, I'm not about ripping it all out and starting again, I love to let the land and building lead the way, shaping the design, respecting what has come before and guiding the next chapter.  A sense of history and the stories that can be uncovered intrigue me. This desire to create and establish a sense of place is something I want to share, a small and simple life that is ultimately fulfilling. With the strong belief that landscape and home can ground us with that fundamental feeling of sanctuary. Find me in the garden..

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