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Fall bulb planting

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

The anticipation of what’s to come. Over the years I’ve always been full of doubt how these little balls will grow in this cold damp earth and bloom when everything else is fast asleep. Then every spring I’m mad I didn’t plant more, but over the years it has given me faith, that alas when your desperate to be outside and in the garden, up they pop March and April JOY! So have faith and plant every bulb you can. So this year I finally added more white tulips to the white garden. When I first set out that long white border I put in a few white tulips and every spring they pop back up (at the back of the border as that garden bed has gotten deeper and deeper over the years). So this was the autumn that I added them all through the bed.

Always love a great allium bulb, this little meadow section in front of the new seating area where the big tree came down, is going to be bursting with bulbs come spring

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