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February Full stop continues...

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

The cold continues with snow and frozen ground, the garden is literally at a full stop. I think we have had maybe one or two days in January that got above freezing. This is when we have to fight the sadness that comes from being house bound, alas i am always thankful for the great sunshine but the deep cold makes me miss the less sunny but more amicable temperature of the UK. As Mum tells me about the emerging bulbs, and social media fills up with Englands daffodils, we here in the North east of American are still in the deep freezer. What are we to do ?

To chase the winter blue I get outside when I can, currently pulling down old invasive vines that i like to use around new trellis and archways to make look like they have been there for an age. Also currently collecting old tree trunks to make a new rose arbor down in the orchard garden. I like to use this time to start gathering all the materials i will need so when we do get those warmer days I can get right to the projects.

It's also a lovely time just to think about the garden, what do you want to achieve this year. For me I want to enjoy the garden, I have plans for a new dahlia border that will get more sunshine, again i can feel the enthusiasm for vegetable brewing, that will as always be thwarted by the amazing farmers markets close by. Im fighting the urge to buy more roses, buy i have started ordering seeds, trying to stay focused to the things i love, such as easy annuals such as queen annes lace and the new varieties of first year blooming foxgloves

The winter night sky is one of those magic things to appreciate this month

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