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Deeply inspired by Vita white garden at Sissinghurst and constantly reminds me of the wonderful bloomsbury group
"lived in squares, painted in circles and loved in triangles" 

The white Garden 


The Oak Quad 

Necessity is the Mother of all creativity 
The sad removal of a dead Maple tree gave me the opportunity to redesign the centre of the main lawn.  Let's not sugar coat this I was devastated to loose the tree but onward we go, gardening is if not constant change .  Instead of stump grinding, the old tree became a slab table and thus the Quad was born.  A new oak is not planted and will hopefully grow steading and happily to become a handsome tree for many years to come.  


As you look back up to the house form the orchard garden, a mown path leads you into the Quad, low stone walls enclose the space and the centre axis of the front lawn is defined through this walkway 

Looking away from the house, one day the Ilex Crenata hedges will grow up around the benches and create a enclosed space below the aging oak, walking through the long grass in-front, filled with bulbs and edged with fragrant lavender, this will be a magical place to sit and be still 

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